Speaking In The Presence Of A Deaf Person Essay

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Speaking in the Presence of a Deaf Person is Considered Impolite Speaking in the presence of a Deaf person is considered impolite. You are being disrespectful and inconsiderate, especially if you know ASL and choose to speak instead. By speaking, you exclude them from the conversation. I am definitely guilty about speaking rather than signing in the classroom. I really try to not speak during class but when people verbally ask me questions I feel obliged to answer them, and it is hard not to say the answer. I like signing in the classroom a lot, it allows for complete immersion into the language and is simply fun to do. Learning ASL is especially fun when voice is not being heard because you understand it on a deeper level and learn it better by figuring out what signs mean without speaking. You understand why the sign is what it is rather than just…show more content…
I would sign the response but it would take longer for me to figure out the vocabulary in ASL than just say it aloud. Not speaking before class, during class, and when there are breaks is important in order to completely appreciate and respect the language. I like not speaking because I am an introvert and shy, so I find communicating easier with ASL. Even though I’m not very good at expressing myself while speaking, I feel more comfortable signing what I would say. I prefer to sign with my classmates, but when they talk to me speaking is faster for me to respond rather than writing my response or signing it. It is difficult to stop because English was my first language and I am so used to using it in every other class. Breaking the habit of talking is possible, but it is a challenge because I am not as used to signing as I am speaking. By choosing to sign more instead of talking you show improvement in ASL because you can naturally and instinctively respond to others in ASL
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