Speaking Of Jesus Chapter 3 Summary

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In chapter 3 of Speaking of Jesus, Carl Medearis talks about what it means to own Christianity. He says "If we don't truly know what the gospel is, we have to find an explanation for Christianity." Meaning that if we do not know what the gospel is or what it is teaching us, then we try to define it by our own standards, and that is where it gets messy. Medearis talks about how Christianity is more than a religion, but it is a relationship and people tend to not understand that. He explains why people are so defensive and put up their guards towards Christians, because Christians can be so judgemental. They have this idea that what they think of The gospel and of Jesus is the only real way to get to heaven, and if people don't follow those rules then they will go to hell. People act like they have to own Christianity when in reality Jesus…show more content…
You are either a solid Christian or you are not a solid Christian. As Christians we have this idea that we are inside of a circle and our job is to bring others in by telling them they have to belive exactly what we belive, or we point out what is wrong in their life and what they have to fix in order to also become a Christian. We tend to point out what makes us different from those people that we have Jesus and they don't, instead of us showing them the love of Christ and how he is a reedeming and merciful God. In the midst of trying to bring others to the Kingdom of God, we forget what we really believe and try to act like a perfect Christian which we are not. Medearis says there is an in and an out, a kingdom of light and a Kingdom of darkness, but it is not our job to decide who is in or out it is ultimately up to Jesus. People have come to misunderstand the gospel because they want to believe what they think is right. He says "In this state we're not living in the grace of Jesus, Were trying to maintain our
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