Speaking Skills Case Study

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1. Theoretical background
1.1 Speaking skill Like all the four skills, speaking appears as the most significant skill since people who know a language are considered speakers of that language, and many learners are interested in learning to speak (Ur, 1996). Rivers (1998) mentioned we use speaking as reading and writing in our communication. Speaking also is closely related to listening as two parallel ways of accomplishing communication. Therefore, every speaker is simultaneously a listener and every listener is a speaker too (Oprandy, 1994 & EL Menoufy, 1997). So, learning speaking can help develop reading, writing and listening skills (Regina, 1997). As Richards and Renandya (2002) said, speaking proficiency needs the knowledge
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There are some reasons, which caused learners avoid using language. One of the reason is lack of self-confidence, the majority of the people have this lack and it does not matter they have good knowledge or not, the other reason is insufficient vocabulary undoubtedly in school and college we learn lots of English speaking words but because English is not our first language those words are not sufficient. After school learners stop learning new words, so often, learners face lots of problem in speaking. Moreover, the last one is motivation; it is a key term in language learning. As Broussard and Garrison (2004) defined, motivation is the attribute that moves us to do or not to do…show more content…
On the other hand, teachers are using different approach to encourage and involve learners to improve speaking ability.
By the way, lack of using speaking skill is most developed countries problem so they try to find some ways too. Hence, some of the researcher from these countries suggested different approach so that, whenever we surfing on a net to find new and update ways, a list of practical and impractical way founded but one of the approach that is used at the rural schools in South America to changed and improved learners lack and scores is place-based education.
This study attempted to tested the effect of place-based education in learners’ speaking skill then introduce it to the educational system. It seems that, place-based education tries to focus on students’ speaking skill and solve their problem. In place-based education, learners’ deal with situation in a real world, therefore they can understand how they should act meanwhile they solve their problem subconsciously.

1.5 Research Question
Based on what mentioned, the present study attempts to answer the following research
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