Speaking Skills In English

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1. Definition of Speaking
Speaking is one of four language skills which is important to be mastered by students in order to be good communicator. Speaking is the basic language because it is develop in life, that is precede by listening skill and that period speaking skill learned.
Brown and Yule, (1999: 25) state ability to speak is very important and the goal of language learning English is to enable learners to interact freely to each other. In the other statement Harmer (2003:269) states that speaking is ability to speak fluently presupposes not only a knowledge of language features, but also the ability to process informartion and language on the spot. In addition Harmer (2001:39) explained speaking is the single most important aspect of learning a second or foreign language, and succcess.
Richard (2008:19) state that speaking skills in English is a priority for many second language or foreign language learning.
As describe above, speaking is one of the skills that should be mastered when we learn English. One of the important aspects in speaking is the interactions between the speaker and listener. Of course this will not goes right if we, as the Indonesian did not make speaking English as our habit. The other important aspect is confidence. We usually give so much thought about the correct grammar, so most of the learners are afraid of making mistakes. Therefore, practice and being confident are a must in speaking.
According to Brown

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