Spearmint Gum Lab Hypothesis

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This scientific question is, does the different kind of gum increase or decrease your concentration? This question was chose because many people in the world always are looking for some tips on what helps them concentrate, and chewing gum is a very easy way to help improve concentration. The Independent Variable is the type of gum, the Control Group is Bubble Gum, the Experimental Group is the Spearmint, the Dependent Variable is test scores, the Constant Variables are same timed test, same timer, and same brand of gum. The hypothesis for this science fair project is if spearmint gum is chewed then the person's concentration will be increased. This hypothesis was picked because spearmint gum is minty and the scientist thought that maybe mint impacted the brain the most. The other two gums that were used in this experiment were Bubblegum and Watermelon. The scientist thought that spearmint would be the fastest in the multiplication and he was not really sure what to expect.…show more content…
The subject chewed gum for a minute before they took the timed multiplication test and then took the test 2 times with the same gum then switched after 2 tests. Spearmint and bubblegum were very close in times. The one that did win though that was the fastest was spearmint gum. Some patterns that was shown is that the very first test is always slower than the other two gum, also that the bubble gum and spearmints averages both had more two minute averages than watermelon. The scientist thinks that spearmint gum was the best because of the mint flavor in the

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