Special Admissions Case Study

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Module 3 Questions 1. Farrey suggests that NCAA schools should do away with special admissions for athletes and athletes would have to go through the normal admission standards to get into the academic institution. a. While this idea seems ideal theoretically, is it really practical? Why or why not? Would the talent level for top-tier schools like Florida, Alabama, and Texas be the same without the special admissions and which schools would benefit from such a system? I don’t believe NCAA schools will ever get rid of special admissions for athletes. Special admissions mean schools receive special talent. I don’t believe you should compare athletes to known athletes because they don’t go through the same path. According to Farrey, an athlete…show more content…
When Alabama won the 2016 national championship I read a story about how much money the coaches received for winning and the players, well they received shirts and hats. As noted in the readings, many athletes don’t receive a full ride nor every athlete receive an athletic scholarship. I believe if an athlete is a part of an athletic program then they should have everything paid for in terms of room and board, tuition, meal plan, books and even extra money for transportation, hygiene, and entertainment. No player who works for an athletic program averaging 30 hours a week should have student loan debt. I don’t think athletes should get paid because the purpose of college for everyone is to get an education to better your future. Athletes are being paid in terms of receiving money towards their education. Being a student-athlete is not a job, so we don’t need to worry about who the number one pick will be coming out of high school. This will create a bidding war among colleges and the NCAA will lose control of intercollegiate athletics. Coaches’ salaries should be reduced and more money should go into more scholarships. Every athlete deserves a full ride. Players should receive weekly per diem which should cover non cafeteria meals and living
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