Special Child Challenges

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Challenges faced by a Special Child in his/her routine life. The World Health Organisation (1980) has defined a Special child/ Disabled child as “one who over an appreciable period is prevented by physical or mental conditions from full participation in the normal activities of their age groups including those of social, recreational, educational and vocational nature ”.[citation] Children with special needs have a mental, physical, medical or social conditions that interferes with their normal functioning. These children face a lot of challenges in their day to day lifes than their peers. These challenges a special child faces are usually doubled. On one hand, they struggle with the symptoms and disabilities that result from the disease. On the other, they are challenged by the stereotypes and prejudice that result from misconceptions about special child. As a result of both, children with special needs are denied of the opportunities that define a quality life. there are other things such as bullying, parental neglect, social acceptability, low self esteem, community misconception and stigma that a special child has to face in his/her routine life. The medical challenges a special child faces might require arduous task involving a multidisciplinary team to provide a comfortable standard
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