Special Needs Children Case Study

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while strategy makers earlier anticipated that disabled people were expressively less active as compare to others in the place of work. For that reason, the approaches for enlightening work prospects for the disabled hinge on the encouragement and incentive of owners, recent regulation assents the reality that disabled people are imperilled to biased discernment and rejection by the officials of businesses. 2.5.2. Children Act It is noted that the Children Act 2004 overhauls yet does not supersede Children Act 1989. Moreover, the Act gives an authoritative spine to the more extensive system for enhancing special kids' lives. In addition, this covers the all-inclusive services, which each child right to use and more focused on services for…show more content…
For that reason, they formulate effective strategies and implement new Act and laws regarding the social benefits of special need children. With the help of these Acts, it encourages special students to get the education properly and compete with the outer world viably. It is found that in most of the countries numerous benefits are there that were given by their government to special needs children in order to assist them to recover from the disease…show more content…
Case Study Case study is the research strategy in which descriptive research is conducted by focusing on the small group of individuals. For collecting data, participation, observation, and examination of existing interviews, records, and tests are the common types that are used within case study. It also includes own accounts of participants. In this considered study, case study is used because it involves observation of certain people and in this research it is used for evaluating the relationship of special need children with their peers in school (Kothari, 2011). 3.2.3. Survey Survey is the most commonly used type of research strategy because it is less complex and expensive to conduct. It is the means of gathering quantitative data by making use of close-ended questions. It is carried on a particular sample size from a selected population. It can be done face-to-face, on telephone or online. It is the most flexible means of collecting specific information because it provides the opportunity of gathering relevant data. For the study under consideration, this research strategy is used for evaluating the public opinion to access their attitude towards special need children (Flick, 2011). 3.3. Data
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