Special Education Case Study Therapeutic Learners

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Michael is currently a sixth grade student at Northeast Middle School. He is identified with having a disability of Autism, Other Health Impairments (ADHD and anxiety), Gifted and newly identified with Speech and Language Impairment. Michael is in an itinerant learning support setting and has the learning support teacher in all academic class periods. He receives gifted support three times in a six day-cycle with Ms. Shook. Michael is attending academic support twice in a six day-cycle to assist him with assignments, assessments, organization and to work on his academic skills. INPUT FROM ACADEMIC TEACHERS Reading- Rose Smisko and Jennifer Doncsecz 1st Marking Period Grade: A2nd Marking Period Grade: AMichael is working above grade level…show more content…
Language Arts- Rose Smisko and Jennifer Doncsecz 1st Marking Period Grade: B2nd Marking Period Grade: AMichael is on grade level in writing however, he does not always perform at grade level when he does not want to complete the assignment. If he is not in the mood to write he will produce very short, to the point, writing samples. Michael will always stay on topic when writing, understands grammar and is a strong speller. His thought process is above grade level. Needs: Michael needs to use more detail, he answers right to the point, with little elaboration. Michael does not always use capital letters or punctuation. When he is not putting in much effort his handwriting can be illegible. Michael has the teacher check his responses before he hands in his finished assignments. Specific Classroom Strategies Utilized: When given writing assignments, Michael is asked to type them. He is also given 3-lined paper to improve his handwriting. Michael is allowed shorten writing assignments. He also meets with the occupational therapist, Naomi Rivera. Writing goal and…show more content…
He knows his basic math facts and uses previous learned knowledge when introduced to new concepts. Michael completes all homework assignments. In the beginning of the year, Micheal would pick and choose which assignments he wanted to complete. He would ask why he had to complete them and if he felt they were unfair, he would not do the work. This behavior has changed and Micheal completes all math assignments
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