Special Education Classroom Observation

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The first observation was conducted on August 30th at 9:00 a.m., while the student was participating in the special education resource room. The observation took place for a total of 25 minutes. For the duration of the observation the student was seated at a small table working one-on-one with the special education teacher. Along with the student being observed and the special education teacher, two other students, as well as, two paraprofessionals were in the special education resource room during the observation time. One student and paraprofessional were working one-on-one at a small table, while the other student was sitting in a bean bag chair reading a book. The other paraprofessional seemed to be completing paperwork at small desk. The classroom atmosphere seemed to be warm and accepting with several seating options for students, along with…show more content…
Along the east wall of the room, two centers were designated, one being a reading (quiet) center with two bean bag chairs and several book shelves filled with different levels (reading) books. The other center was a manipulative center, which included several puzzles, games, and interactive manipulatives. Along the south wall of the classroom was a long table with three computer stations set up on the table. On the west wall was several cabinets and shelving for teacher supplies and files. Along the north wall was the teacher desk, and another center area with bean bag chairs, and several iPads, cd players, and other technology devices. In the center of the room was three small tables and chairs, which were spaced enough in the room to allow for small group work areas. The lighting in the classroom was bright (fluorescent lighting), with an additional lamp in the reading center. The noise level of the room seemed to stay at a low level with minimal distractions during the observation. Additionally, the temperature of the room was set at 74 degrees, and appeared to be a comfortable setting for everyone
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