Special Education Placement

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Evaluation and Placement of Special Education Students Special education is to function as part of the general education framework. Development of special education through laws such as IDEA, identified children with disabilities and unique needs that was best addressed with additional intervention not typical to the general education student. Appropriate placement of a child must follow appropriate evaluation, including the information from parents and a variety of assessments. Ethical practices and compliance with laws and regulations which protect student and parent privacy are crucial due to the confidential information gathered in the process. Careful use of descriptive labels are important as a focus due to stigmatizing vocabulary…show more content…
Special education practices are guided by ethical principles, standards, and policies that respect both students and parents. As a leader in the field of special education, challenging expectations for the highest learning outcomes and progress respect the dignity of the student. By using inappropriate labels that are demeaning or low expectations, students are not treated ethically. Furthermore, including parents in the educational decision-making process of special education improve learning outcomes and growth for the student and a sense of collaboration with buy in from the parents. Ethical treatment of parents and students equate to each student being treated exactly a they need to be treated and parents being treated as a part of the team. Ethical issues often arise determining the right treatment of students with and without disabilities. Ethically, same is not always…show more content…
Students have a right to expect information about their education and placement in special education or general education to be confidential. All special education information must be secure and confidential. FERPA allows parents access to their children’s educational records and limits access to those records without the consent of the parent. Protecting the privacy of parents and students are ensured through this federal statute. As a leader in special education, concerns of a breech in confidentiality is concerning when staff discusses a child in inappropriate places. These places are often areas where teachers migrate in the lounge or hall where repeating gossip, rumors, or information about the child and family. If these discussions take place in a public area such as a hall, playground, or store confidentiality is breeched. One place often overlooked is in a busy teachers’ lounge. Consequently, in this area confidentiality may be violated when others not involved overhear and may even join in on the discussion of

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