Special Education: The Importance Of Education

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The importance of education is quite clear. One can safely say that man is not in his proper sense till he is educated. According to Mc Clelland (2013) the training of the human mind could not be completed without education as education makes man a right thinker. He added further that education develops man and teaches him how to make sound decisions. Palitashak (2010) believes that education develops the moral values and improves and strengthens the mind and character of man. Orlando (2013) stated that a teacher’s knowledge, skills, and capabilities are necessary in implementing the goals of education. This idea is supported by Curwin (2016) who says that the teacher is the key factor in any teaching- learning situation. He further says…show more content…
The educational system offers a variety of programs for the general population. One of these programs is designed to meet the needs of children who cannot profit much from general or regular education because of certain disabilities. This is the Special Education (SPED) program. Special Education is purposeful intervention designed to present eliminate and overcome the obstacles that might keep an individual with disabilities from learning and from full and active participation in school and society. The ultimate goal of SPED is mainstreaming students into regular school. (Heward;…show more content…
(Geronimo: 2014) To ensure quality education for these groups of children, SPED teachers must possess certain qualities According to Saflofski (2015), SPED teachers work with students who have a wide range of special needs and disabilities. These educators create and apply appropriate curriculum and assign activities that are specific to each students’ abilities and needs. SPED teachers work in a variety of settings; some have their own classrooms others work outside the school. (https// ed tchr). Their work can be emotionally demanding and physically draining. They are under considerable stress due to heavy workloads and administrative tasks ( of teachers). Because of stressors, SPED teachers face the problem of classroom behavioural management. Classroom behavioural management involves a structured reinforcement system mainly to manage behaviour of special children. Reinforcement is defined by the effect that it has on behaviour- it increases or strengthens the behaviour (Cherry:
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