Special Education: The Process Of Special Education

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When a child is struggling in school, it can be a difficult and emotional time for both the child and the parents. The child may have a disability. The schools are required by law to provide help for students who are eligible for services. (IDEA, 2014). This is called special education. How do you know if your child is eligible for these services? There is a lot to know about the process of special education and how students are identified. The first step in the special education process is to request an evaluation of your child. Courtney Fry (special education teacher) in discussion with author, October 2106, states “if a student is struggling academically and/or socially a teacher can refer the student for evaluation.” A parent can request an evaluation also. Parental consent is required for the evaluation to take place. Once consent is granted, the evaluation must occur within 90 days, under the IDEA law. The next step is to evaluate the child. The evaluation will identify if the child has a disability, look at their educational needs and educational and other services the child may need, such as speech pathology, physical therapy, to be successful in school. Once the evaluation is completed, the school psychologists and school social worker will review the results and determine if the child has a disability. Once it is determined that a child has a disability, an individual educational program (IEP), meeting is scheduled. This must be schedule within 30 days. The IEP

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