Special Force Warrant Officer Essay

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For a Special Force Warrant Officer (SFWO) to be effective at his position he must be able to work within the Joint Interagency Intergovernmental and Multinational (JIIM) environment. Within the JIIM environment, a SFWO must master the attribute of good interpersonal and cross cultural communication skills. This attribute is critical to his success; if a SFWO is not able to communicate with others, he will be ineffective in giving and possibly receiving important information. A SFWO may be technically sound but he needs to be able communicate what he knows and what Special Forces (SF) can bring to the table when your counterparts in the JIIM need that information in order to come up with a solution. Additionally those interpersonal skills are essential when dealing with multiple personalities from a range of different branches and agencies. Each branch speaks a different language, even within the Army there is a difference in how we interact and communicate. The Army’s conventional and nonconventional elements interact and communicate different. A SFWO needs to understand that and apply proper communications when dealing with those elements. How you tell your…show more content…
In an OCONUS JIIM, the SFWO will need to rely on the attribute of solving complex political-military problems, develop, and employ conventional and unconventional solutions. SFWO need to recognize in the OCONUS environment your counterparts may not desire the same result as you. Even elements within our own government during OCONUS mission, i.e. the State Department often times are not looking for the same result. It can be a political minefield with multiple problems from multiple directions; a SFWO needs to be creative in order to satisfy all parties involved with an OCONUS JIIM
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