Special Needs Reflection Paper

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From the previous discussions, a good look at what special needs are, has been properly looked into. Insights, misconceptions, current issues, and trends have all been put on board and properly comprehended. An interaction with a person with special abilities proved a lot of worthy points and created a platform where more can be learned from this interaction. This paper focuses on an interview for such an individual. The purpose of the interview is to help better understand the strengths and challenges to this person with special needs and their families.
In this session, the interview is conducted on face-to-face, this is because this kind of interaction enables one to know a lot to include understanding the emotions of these particular individuals. An adult is chosen for this session because there will be more learning as he has probably endured a lot in their lifetime, but above all overcomes all the challenges faced in every phase of his life. The basis of this is learning
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This interview is based on an interrogation forum where the individual answers question thought to be informative during this learning process. Not forgetting the fact that what has been put down is what the interviewee noted to be his understanding and ideas. The points are also put down respectively to the questions asked. The discussion proceeds as follows;
I am a youthful individual of 23-years old. In life, I have faced many challenges but I have also had my good times. I, as a special needs person, I experienced difficulties in learning since my childhood days, but in all that trauma, I pursued and worked hard in my education till I knew I could make it when I emerged second bests in my regional examinations. That is when I knew I could do much greater and pursued my education till my MBA levels. I might have taken longer than any normal human being, but I still made
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