Special Objects In Clean Sweep

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A special object. Sometimes it's a toy, a book, or even a special meal. Just like Katie, the main character in “ Clean Sweep”. Katie’s family has a cleaning business, and they have to clean for Mrs. Leonardo, an old, annoying lady next door. Both Katie and Mrs. Leonardo have lost someone important in their lives, and have special objects to remember them by. Throughout the story, Katie learns the importance of people and their special objects. One important object Katie has from her father is all of his old high school essays. She has a trunk full of all of his old photos and papers. “I just couldn’t throw those out”, says Katie. These are important to her because they remind her of her dad and what he was like before he passed away. The old papers are therapeutic for her, because it was like being with him. Another special…show more content…
Leonardo had some important objects, too. One special object was the tablecloth. She got it when she was married and only used it once. She only used it for special occasions, like her twentieth anniversary. No other occasion was special enough, then her husband died right before their twenty-fifth anniversary and the tablecloth has been in a trunk ever since. The tablecloth reminded her of her late husband which she didn’t want to think about. Another special object to Mrs. Leonardo was the old book her mother used to read to her every night.” My mother read this book to my sister and I every night before bed. I thought she had it.” This book reminds Mrs. Leonardo of her late mother and her sister, who she has not talked to since their mother died. This book has so many great memories, but has also caused a lot of fighting. One of the most important things Katie learns is the importance of people and their special objects. Since Katie went to Mrs. Leonardo”s house, Katie leaned that everyone has special objects for special reasons. She leans that just because it looks like junk to her, it is someone else's prize
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