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Special Olympics Nonprofit Organization Fundraising Plan During the summer of 1962, a lady named Eunice Kennedy Shriver was dedicated to creating a summer day camp for children and adults that have intellectual disabilities, that camp took place at her home. She designed the camp to allow these individuals to explore their talents in a variety of physical activities. This was the founding of Special Olympics. Throughout those years, her idea grew and grew, then in 1968, there was the first international Special Olympics. This event took place at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois, with only one thousand athletes from the United States and Canada, competing in various events such as swimming and Track and Field. (Who We Are) The Special Olympics…show more content…
This event allows those who raise a minimum of a thousand dollars to get to rappel off the Cityscape building in downtown Phoenix. The purpose behind this event is to help people to overcome their fears, but also to show people how challenging it is for the Special Olympics athletes to live each and every day. To participate in this event, you have to be at least eighteen years old, weigh between one hundred and three hundred pounds, and raise a minimum of one thousand dollars. The one thousand dollars raised helps sponsor two Special Olympics athletes for the entire year. When someone registers to participate in the event, they have to create an online fundraising website for donors to give money too. Once the participate raises the amount of money required, they receive a timeslot for when they are going to rappel off of the Cityscape building. (Over the Edge, Upcoming…show more content…
Next is to bring more and more awareness to the Special Olympics and help change people’s negative perception on individuals with special needs. Lastly, to help develop a more global athlete leadership, as well as dedicating their time to empower dignity and not as a charity. These goals go along with the mission statement by being awareness to a cause that a lot of people might not understand. Developing confidence in their athletes, showing no matter what disabilities someone is facing they can overcome anything. Also, showing that nonprofits actually help individuals become confident in who you are. (Athens Student Delegation_ World Games

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