Specialization In Community Dentistry

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MDS Community Dentistry in Karnataka

“Community Dentistry” or “Public Health Dentistry” is the branch of Dentistry which involves the study of the oral health problems of a group or community of people in a geographical area.

MDS in Community Dentistry is a three-year post-graduation programme with these major areas of study:

• Community oral health
• Oral health promotion
• Provision and funding of oral health care
• Issues in the planning and management of public oral health services.

The course teaches the students how to prevent oral diseases, prolong life and promote oral health through organized community efforts, how to control communicable infections, personal dental hygiene, and ways to develop a social machinery to make sure adequate
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If choosing a field of specialization confuses you, give these benefits of Community Dentistry a focused read:

• The field of Community Dentistry is ever growing with an increase in the demand for public health specialists.
• It involves a diversity of clinical work and helps you hone your skills. Besides, you learn new skills with each passing day.
• You can impact the overall health of your community and the nation with your efforts. This is something you must be proud of.
• You travel to the different countries and work with their citizens. This gives you an exposure to the different cultures.
• The field is rewarding in terms of career prospects and earnings.

Career opportunities after specialization in Community Dentistry
After you complete your post-graduation, you can apply for a plethora of job opportunities:

I. Senior Lecturer or Professor in Dental
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A family physician diagnoses and treats the patients with oral diseases presenting at the hospitals and refer them to the specialists when needed.

Community Development Experts stay in close contact with the personnel involved in the development of various healthcare projects for the community and analyze their performance.

A Public Health Inspector takes the necessary steps to safeguard the community from various health hazards and enforce the laws related to the health safety.

III. Government jobs

As a specialist in Community Dentistry, you can expect recruitment in the government sector as a Public Health Specialist in Railways, Community Healthcare Services, Military Hospitals, and NGOs.

With the gain in experience, you may reach top-level positions in the Ministry of Health where you may be involved in formulating the policies related to the Dental Health of the community.

IV. Medical Writing

You can help spread awareness about the oral health to the public through dental blog posts, production copies, web pages, information brochures, medical journals, etc.

V. Higher

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