Specialized Coach Roles

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Working well with others, being open-minded, and having respect are all ideas associated with teams. Within a team, all players must do their job as one piece in the whole machine. Without each individual doing their part the entire team will be inefficient. In order for the product to be made, each teammate must do his or her part. The same qualities can be asked from coaches. As components of a team the head coach, the assistant coach, and the specialized coaches must all work together in order for the team to run smoothly. As a specialized coach, he or she can cover the more specific roles of a team. Such roles could include specific positions such as defense, offense, or positions even more specific. Other more classified coaches may…show more content…
As a head coach, he or she must set the expectations that he or she has for the team. Whether that is an expectation for a specific day, week, or entire season, it must be set. For any head coach this is necessary so that players understand the circumstances in which the season is going to go. Not only must a head coach set the expectations of a team, he or she must make the expectations obtainable. Along with setting the expectations for the players, he or she must set the expectations of the assistant coaches and the specialized coaches. The act of setting expectations for the coaching staff is vital to the whole team running smoothly. If one coach along the line does not know the ability in which he or she is supposed to do his or her job, the efficiency of the team will not be as high. Another thing a head coach works on, is monitoring the lower levels of coaching. A head coach must have good communication skills among the other coaching staff in order to make sure everything is going as planned. Part of this communication process would be delegating tasks for different coaches on the team. For example, he or she may ask one of the assistant coaches to develop a plan or even a drill for a practice. Whereas, the head coach may have noticed a specific problem with a certain player during a game. In this instance, the head coach may ask one of the specialized coaches to attend to the more one on one help…show more content…
Without the coaches communicating well, how could he or she expect the players to do the same? The coaches must all work to create a growing environment. If the head coach is doing his or her job of communicating and delegating, the assistant coach can do what he or she needs to do. Assuming the head and the assistant coaches are both doing his or her jobs, the specialized coaches can appropriately give their one on one help to the players. Overall, the coaches must all do their roles, and work together in order for the team to run
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