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Question No.01 Name and explain five major ways in which species can interact?
various types of relationships exists in nature between different species of organisms but Basically five major types of species interaction exists:
i) Amensalism ii) Mutualism iii) Predation iv)Commensalism v) Competition
Amensalism:- it is an association between organisms of two different species in which one is inhibited or destroyed and the other is unaffected . it is a relationship in which an organism hurts another one but doesn’t mean to get anything out of it so it’s not really parasitism in which one is benefiting by the other one for example lice which are also called as Parasite are benefited by their host which could be human.
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True predators kills and eats other organisms. For example herbivore kills or eats plants while grazers eats plants but doesn’t kill them. Predators are the organism that kills or eats while the prey are the organisms that are being eaten or killed by others , the whole process is known as predation.
Commensalism:- it occurs when one organism is benefit in the relationship and the other organism for the most part is unaffected e.g. cattle egret and cows or bulls , the cattle egret like to follow the cows along because the cows stir up insects from the grass the cattle egrets eats the insects and the cows for most part are unaffected. Orchids are the type of flowering plants that like to make their base or attach to the branches of the trees , they benefits by getting sunlight and trees for the most part is unaffected.
Competition:- it is a kind of interaction in the environment where both animals hurt each other and the most common type of interaction is competition. Competition could be on living sources , for reproduction etc . it could be intraspecific ( in the same species) or the interspecific (between the other species).
Question No.02 How size and beauty of animal can be a secret weapon? Give one

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