Specific Activity Research Paper

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4.3) Briefly explain what you understand by specific activity of an enzyme and how you could measure it. (P 4.3)
Specific activity is a term utilize to measure the rate of reaction of an enzyme with a substrate. Specific enzyme activity is a measure of enzymes purity and quoted as units/ mg. the value becomes huge as an enzyme preparation becomes purer since the amount of protein (mg) is typically less, but the rate of reaction stays the same/ may increase due to reduced interference/ removal of inhibitors.
Enzymes are proteins that act as catalysts in reducing the amount of activation energy for a reaction to take place, activation energy that is needed for get reactions begins since several reactions. Do not take place at all. If they thermodyanamically possible. Enzymes catalyse specific reaction in a particular site known as the active site. Where the reactants binds and react to generate the product. Substrates have active
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Specific activity is an essential measure of enzyme purity. Various batches of a pure enzyme must have the same values and even diluting an enzyme solution several times will have identical specific activity values even though there will be various enzyme activity values. This is because in calculating specific activity, the numerator (units/ ml) and denominator (mg/ ml) are affected equally.
Specific activity is very difficult from activity but the calculation of specific activity is still dependent on the activity value. This means that the stated specific activity activity value. This means that the stated specific activity value will also be dependent on the enzyme unit definition. Batches of enzymes that have lower than expected specific activity value may contain enzyme molecule that have become altered or mixed with impurities. ( Lecture
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