Specific Patient Case Study Essay

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Most older adults accept the fact that as we increase in age, we will inevitably experience medical problems as part of the "natural aging" process. Some of these conditions, such as heart failure, are not due solely to the aging process, and if managed early, prevention is possible. For those who find themselves dealing with the daily struggles of heat disease, many treatment options are available. Treatments such as biventricular pacing promise and deliver improved ADL tolerance and lengthen longevity (Cooper, 2015, p. 23). In this paper, we will discuss this method of treatment and analyze its application in a specific patient case study. Mrs. P is the subject of our case study. She, like over 5 million Americans, suffers from heat…show more content…
25). Furthermore, because failure is possible, the patient, nurse, and family members should all be aware of the associated symptoms (Cooper, 2015, p. Workman, 2010, p. 761). A vital role of the nurse is to be a teacher. The nurse should interactively teach patients, and family members how to care for their new body. The importance of medication therapy adherence is an important subject. The current recommendations for treatment of those with symptomatic heart failure are a combination of ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and diuretics to control blood pressure (Chojnowski, 2006, 38). Upon discharge and at follow-up appointments, the nurse should interview the patient about these medications. The discussion should include generic and trade names, times of administration, side effects of each medication and reasons for taking each one. If the nurse finds these medications are not ordered, she should discuss her findings with the health care provider promptly. Teaching should also include dietary modification to a low-sodium diet, smoking cessation and stress management (Chojnowski, 2006, p.
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