Reflection In Physiotherapy Care

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Nowadays, the physiotherapists are trained to deal with every patient in a calm and professional manner. For the sake of the physiotherapists to behave professionalism in physiotherapy care. The crucial professional attributes that the physiotherapists should practise are courteous, dependable, determined, empathetic, patient and so on. Being a professional is doing the things we love to do, although on the days we do not feel like doing them. For example, a female physiotherapist will not take medical leave, although she has menstruation pain on some days.

Besides, the physiotherapists have to practise the process of reflection in physiotherapy care. Reflection is a process of reviewing an experience in order to describe, analyze,
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She has damage on the right side of the brain, subsequently affects the left side of her body. She has already received treatments for last three years. Since she has suffered a stroke, she has already lost her stability. Her centre of gravity has shifted slightly forward. At the same time, she has the Parkinson disease, consequently, made her movement becomes slower than normal people, her eyes are rarely blink and she has a very rigid breathing. Thus, the physiotherapist should beware in order to keep the patient always in…show more content…
They cannot simply start the treatment without asking the patient’s preferences or beliefs for the treatment, despite of the patient’s background, culture and language is different from the physiotherapists. Besides, the physiotherapists cannot make decisions for the patient to receive certain treatment, even though they think this is for the patient’s benefit. This totally violates the will of the patient, including the professionalism in physiotherapy care. Moreover, some patients might not clear about what have the physiotherapists instructed during the treatment. Thus, the physiotherapists should give the instructions again by slowly and politely to those patients instead of scolding them rudely. As a result, patients will satisfy and cooperate effectively with the physiotherapists throughout the
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