Speech: 10 Steps To A Better Night's Sleep

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126. 10 steps to a better night’s sleep
Night sleep is a crucial mode to endow with your body a suitable time to relax and rejuvenate the energy within you. Scientifically proven it is important to get minimum sleep of 8 hours that later helps you feel fresh and energetic after waking up.
Title – 10 ways to enhance a better night sleep
Keyword- 10 steps to a better night sleep
We all rush through the hurry burry of a busy day and then the growing stress, work load, tensions or relationship issues may seem to bother us while sleeping at night. Most of the people have issues in having a very mild sleep or waking up at the middle of the night or sometimes not able to sleep throughout the night, this can sound pretty normal to our ears but it is actually a serious reason to worry about. Many of the deaths are caused due to lack of sleep; sleep is a basic biological necessity just like eating food and breathing oxygen. Henceforth, it is important to cut out the reason which troubles you to have a peaceful sleep and here are the 10 steps to a better night’s sleep which you can try to get back your carefree and relaxing sleep.
1. Scheduled time- the best way to perk up your sleep is by following the schedule time to sleep everyday. The sync in the routine time to wake up and going to bed at night helps in the routine function of the body as well, it’s an advantage for you to so as the clock ticks the meticulous time your body will physically give you the indications to sleep and it

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