Polar Foam Insulation Advantages And Disadvantages

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5 Advantages of Using Polar Insulation 1. Quick solutions to common problems Polar Foam Insulation can help you effectively resolve common issues at home associated with inadequate or inferior insulation, such as lack of privacy, poor air quality, and building maintenance problems: Soundproofing Privacy is greatly enhanced with Polar foam insulation on cavity walls and interior dividing walls. The foam has a sound-diminishing effect that muffles the noise coming from other rooms in the house. Elimination of airborne irritants Polar foam insulation seals off all fissures and voids on walls effectively air-sealing the house and preventing the free entry of irritants and allergens, as well as moisture. Breathe easier and enjoy great indoor…show more content…
Foam insulation expands rapidly and will unerringly fill and seal off all cavities creating an impermeable air barrier encasing your house. This barrier keeps moisture-laden air from penetrating the house and keeps out airborne pollutants and allergy-causing agents. As a result, mold growth is minimized and indoor air is kept free of pollutants that can trigger asthma or allergy attacks. Polar foam insulation is 100 percent water-based and does not contain synthetic blowing agents. As a matter of fact, it was this very foam that was used to help improve air quality under the “Health House” initiative of the American Lung Association. 3. Eliminate Mold Problems Mold growth is a major concern to homeowners because exposure to molds may cause a number of health issues. The presence of molds will also steeply diminish the resale value of a property. Condensation From Humid Air Unrestricted movement of moisture-carrying humid air inside the house will inevitably lead to mold growth. Polar foam insulation can create a tight air barrier that keeps moisture out of the house. Are you using Polar…show more content…
If the piping is embedded, simply remove the wall panel and cut a portion of the foam insulation to get to the leak. When the leak is stopped, dry out all affected surfaces. Polar foam insulation cannot cause mold growth but other soaked surfaces can be hotbed for mold proliferation. 4. Hassle-free installation Polar spray foam insulation or pour fill insulation products are manufactured according to the highest ISO 9001 standards. Optimum performance is guaranteed when these products are installed by our properly-trained professionals in the field. Make sure that genuine Polar foam insulation products are installed by our authorized representatives. They should be able to show you company-issued identification and answer all your questions about insulation. Choosing and preparing the right insulation product After inspection, the Polar Insulation technician should be able to recommend the most appropriate spray foam to use on your project. Once the spray foam insulation is selected, the project area will need to be prepared to ensure excellent results. Factors like waste disposal, ongoing work by other contractors, equipment parking, hoses routes, warning signs, ventilation, covering for surrounding surfaces, and other issues will need to be addressed quickly before actual work

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