Anushrav Vats Leadership Style

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Anushrav Vats is the Head of our computer club, Techedge. Besides being a ‘techie’ par excellence and a leader, he is an initiative taker and a competent organizer. He coordinated his team of twelve superbly, collaborated with one hundred volunteers and organized a commendable event in the memory of our alumnus and one of the first presidents of NASSCOM, Dewang Mehta, last year. I first got to know Anushrav when he joined our club four years ago and saw the spark that keeps the passion for computers and anything related to them ignited to this day. Additionally, I taught him Computer Science last year and am his Computer Science teacher this year, as well.

A precocious student and a nascent computer scientist, Anushrav’s hallmarks are perspicacity, perseverance and single-minded focus. Although computers are introduced to the students in junior school, yet the Eleventh grade marks a transition to a much higher difficulty level from what is taught up to the middle school. I am proud to say that Anushrav seamlessly implemented object oriented
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Furthermore, he is an all rounder. Anushrav was unanimously elected the Head Boy of the school and he validated the faith of his cohorts and faculty by doing a sterling job in the Students’ Council. Teachers, besides I, are all praise for his commitment to work towards making the entire learning experience for the present and future batches of students, a rewarding and pleasant experience. Also, I find his helpful nature and honesty, praiseworthy. All at school know his passion for computers. I once needed help with my laptop and when he saw me struggle; he quietly corrected the glitch and got the machine working like new, again. Anushrav knows ‘tricks’ with which he has many times, come to my rescue with operating my smart mobile phone, specially when it is new and I am not familiar with the
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