Speech About Anzac Spirit

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What is the Anzac Spirit or Legend? Is it important to future generations? Anzac characteristics are in no doubt displayed by Australian and New Zealand defence force personnel and these qualities should be taught to future generation. Arthur Bourke stated that the Anzac Spirit is a sensation that can only be felt, in one’s innermost soul, every Australian and New Zealander can nurture this intense patriotism (Australian War Memorial 2017, ‘Anzac Spirit’, p.2). Throughout my speech I will highlight the Anzac Spirit’s importance for future generation ought to include, the Sacrifices made by men and women, Anzac Day Traditions, Australia’s Identity and the Qualities of the Anzac Spirit.

First and foremost, the Anzac Spirit is about remembering the sacrifices made by men and women who have and are still serving in the military. Is losing your life the ultimate sacrifice? There are many heart-breaking stories of young men leaving their families and never returning. The following verse is a diary entry from Lawrence
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Anzac Day is one such tradition. It is an important day for acknowledging our history and commemorating those who have and do fight to defend our countries rights and freedoms. Is Anzac Day an old tradition that has served its time? I and 94% of Australians don’t think so. I believe that Anzac Day provides an opportunity for the nation to pause, reflect and remember the Anzac’s. According to David Hurley, the chief of the Defence Force, “Anzac Day is not only about generations past, but about our generation, our times and our today.” (Ireland, J 2012, p.1). This means that all generations should be involved in maintaining the Anzac Spirit through participating in the yearly service. Anzac Day unites people from different backgrounds, keeping the Spirit of the Anzac’s alive this will help to pass on this tradition for the importance of the future
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