Bermuda Triangle Interview

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KANISH- HI I am John Lopez, how are you? And it is a great pleasure to have you take an interview with me on a very interesting topic, the Bermuda triangle. JOHN LOPEZ – I am quite well Kanish, and thank you, yes indeed it is an honour to have an interview with you. KANISH- well let’s get started, i would like to know more about yourself, and so please can you introduce yourself to the audience: JOHN LOPEZ: well I came from England and I am 59 years old, quite young indeed (laughter), I studied in the world’s best science school and enjoyed a lot. At first, I did not have any interest in science. As time flew, science became very important in my life. As you know, I have done masters in science and specially researched about the Bermuda…show more content…
KANISH: Question 1). One theory that says that the Bermuda triangle is haunted by the spirits of the drowned sailors. What do you have to say Question 1. What are the specific coordinates, longitude and latitude of the Bermuda triangle? JOHN LOPEZ—The Bermuda triangle is exactly situated in the northern Atlantic, just located outside the Caribbean Sea. The bermuda triangle is the most famous place it is called mysterious and dangerous because many planes and ships have disc, boats and ships are going into the bermuda triangle and most of them don’t go out .it is particularly itself remarkable. KANISH: Question 2. How many aircraft incidents have happened in the Bermuda triangle till now? JOHN LOPEZ—there are 4 major incidents which I remember about Bermuda triangle are: 1)december5, in 1945(flight 19) lost with 14 airmen (five TBF AVENGERS) and after that the same day Bueno 59226 they lost 13 airmen while searching for flight no:19 which got lost on same day. 2)At 3rd July 1947 as said by the Bermuda triangle legend b-29 air flight was lost in Bermuda triangle. They investigated and could not able to find such reference such as like b-29
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