Personal Reflective Essay About Boxing

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Boxing is a sport that grants many forms of experience. With the experience, success and failures that boxing introduces, also comes hard work, physical and mental preparation and dedication. In my own personal occurrences, I have exploited great triumphs to reflect my success and advanced knowledge in my failures. Above all, courage is a helpful quality that enhances your ability to keep going. At the end of the day it is not the experience that matters, it’s how you perceive it. Training makes up a majority of personal time and consists of long hours both in and out of the ring. Endurance training is important and is practiced by running long distances to ensure the ability to keep going even when physically drained. Integrated into the training are muscle workouts and punching drills to benefit muscle confusion. Having a mentor was…show more content…
Everything worked out to my liking all thanks to my handwork, dedication and mostly my mentor. The courage that it takes to be in that ring without knowing whether or not you will win or lose motivates you to stay strong and keep going. Strength is gained in the process of learning and helps despite the inevitable. It gave me the ability to block my fears and be more aggressive throughout the match. Being able to take advantage of key moments like dodging and countering a punch was a direct effect of that. In the end I believe that’s how I won the match. No matter how much success you achieve in life it’s important to remain humble. There is always more to learn and benefit from. Of course it is not good to enjoy these moments of personal victories but afterwards don’t live in the past. Remain in the present and take advantage what’s going on in that time. Live in the moment, prepare for the future and always give one hundred percent in everything that you do. This is one of my own personal victories I enjoyed because I was the first hand eye witness of what I could do and
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