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Caring for a cat opens a man’s heart. Although cats have been human’s companions for so long, it is only within the last thirty-five years or so that veterinarians and cat owners came to provide specialized care for them. Tables are turning and, thankfully, this time it is in favor of pets. Many pet owners today want to take an active part in preserving and maintaining their feline’s good health. This article aim to teach you to be a good cat parent, not just a cat owner.

I. Understanding your cat’s personality: reading negative and positive body language
Due to their solitary past, cats are highly independent creature, perhaps more independent than most pet animals. Although they can be lovable and enjoy cuddling, they value their privacy very much. In fact, a cat personality turns out to be
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A cat who is treated with love and respect grows lovable, calm and very rarely expresses aggression or any negativity. Having a happy cat with a good behavior is such a rewarding experience.
A cat who is healthy, happy and content is easily recognized by the body language. His tail is held upright, eyes are blinking slowly and ears pointing upward. A cat in peace.
Purring is the most obvious sign that says a cat is in full comfort. Everybody knows it.
Usually as a cat purrs he also kneads (or spins). Some people use to call "the cat is making dough" because the gestures are very similar. The history behind that movement says it is an action used to encourage the mother’s milk. Naturally, when kittens are being breastfed, they are happy so they purr.
Does your cat rub his face against yours, especially in mornings? They do that to their favorite person (or littermates). It means he claims you as his own. Isn't it awesome?
II. Maintaining a well-balanced

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