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“Whizz. BANG!” It was that time of year again. A time where streets are lit up with bright flamboyant lights, sounds of crackling fireworks can be heard a mile away and the laughter of jovial people fill the air.

Unfamiliar faces would be seen around the neighbourhood, as people who live far away from their families go home, as it is a festival of family reunion. To welcome the momentum of Chinese New Year, some of the household prepared a month before the Chinese New Year for decoration and clean house thoroughly. Houses are decorated with full of red and orange objects as these colours are often associated with good luck, wealth and longevity in Chinese culture. Decoration with the accompaniment of paper-cuts and couplets outstanded the
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Boom! The vivid colourful fireworks roared into the night sky, exploding across the endless cityscape in an extraordinary mating dance of light; cut through the black like they’re superimposed on the night, like the bright and numerous stars behind are only a backdrop brought in for the occasion. Every streak bared a curve of sorts, brilliant lines with a living feel, organic in the way they grow. Something unique and breathtaking, never to be witnessed again. They ignited and were sent to their sky-bound destiny. Every household was filled with people from families who travelled near and far to get together for an enormous meal and to be accompanied by week-long fireworks.

Assemblages of visitors or relatives were seated, they received tangerines as gifts of good fortune for coming year. The taste is incredible, it sinks your teeth right into the soft juiciness of the delicious fruit that will always satisfy someone. Less sour, but at the same time as sweet as an orange. Ripe tangerine, firm to slightly soft, heavy for its size and has pebbly-skinned with no deep grooves, is placed on a table covered with a red silky cloth, located at the corner of the garden. A beam of soft but brilliant light shines onto the thick skin of the tangerines, attracting children to surround the

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