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Have you ever heard that the people from the southern part of China are master of eating?

My hometown, Foshan, is a coastal city located in the southern China. Among all the sites in Foshan, Fengjian riverside village is my favorite place where you can try most of the famous food in Cantonese cuisine and enjoy a relaxed day. The small village has grown in recent year, becoming a great place for sightseeing.

Fengjian riverside village is a place where you can truly experience the local life of Cantonese. And most importantly, your stomach will never be empty with tons of traditional Cantonese food, such as wonton noodle, radish cake and turnip cooked with cattle offals which is something that most of the foreigners couldn 't accept when hearing of the name. But trust me, this childhood dish will blow your mind and change your view. The cattle offals are cleaned thoroughly and well cooked with Chinese five spices. Moreover, the turnips have cooked soft and absorbed all the taste of Chinese five spices.

If your stomach still has spaces after those meal, there are tons of traditional Cantonese desserts that you cannot miss, such as custard with double creme, ginger milk custard, sesame paste, fried milk, peanut paste, bean jelly and so on. As for me, my favorite one is fried milk. Curd milk is surrounded with a crispy skin, which gives
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As the name shown, the spirit is brewed with a whole snake or snake 's gall bladder. The traditional spirit is said to be good for health, especially for male. When I was younger, I was always fascinated by the snake inside the spirit. However, I have never tried it because I cannot psychologically accept drinking a glass of spirit in which a snake used to be. Sadly, the snack spirit culture has been diminishing in recent years with less and less young people favoring these kinds of drink. It is considered brutal and disgusting by some of the young

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