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Chinese lion dance, 舞狮, is recognizing as a popular art form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. It is also a physical training generally associated with ascetic expressions and martial arts.

The Chinese Lion consists of a highly decorated of lion head with ears, eye lids, horn, mouth and a tail. Basically, the dance will be performed by two dancers, one at the head of the lion, one at the tail of the lion, to imitate a lion's movements and actions in a lion costume with the music instruments such as drum and gong. The dancers are wearing a t-shirt with the lion dance association’s logo and a special pair of pants with the design looks like lion’s feet. The design of the pants will match with the color of lion’s tail.

The Chinese lion dance is a popular Chinese traditional performance that always performed during Chinese festivals and ceremony, especially during the Chinese New Year. People are believed
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Today, Chinese lion dance becoming an excellent Chinese folk art performance and cultural sport which has diffused into many countries across the world, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. Thus, with that diffusion, there are different variations of the lion dance from different countries where each region possess their own styles to represent their country.

Generally, Chinese lion dance can be categorized into two types of lion dance which is Northern lion dance, 北獅and Southern lion dance, 南獅. The Northern lion dance originated from Northeast China. Originally, the dance was used for the imperial court as entertainment. Northern lion has red, orange, yellow shaggy hair with a golden head that looks alike with Pekinese dog.

The Chinese Southern lion dance originated from Guangdong. It is performed as a ceremony to chase away evil spirits and to bring fortune. Southern lion have longer tails and larger heads with various colours and

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