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Have you ever had a class pet? Class pets are pets that a teacher picks out for her/his students to learn about and to have as entertainment. If so, you know how crazy the kids get over it. If you are struggling to pick out a good class pet suitable for your kids, I am here to help. By the end this article, you’ll be running over to the pet store getting your fun,cool, and easy to care for class pet! Picking out a class pet can be fun, but very difficult too. Depending on the age kids you have, also depends on the type of animal you decide to get. We will be picking out a pet for first graders, therefore we cannot have a mean pet which will bite, or a very boring one. A turtle is a very popular class pet. They are safe,kind, and can be kind…show more content…
Bearded Dragons are one hundred percent different from turtles in every way, so if you do not want a turtle, read this and find out if a Bearded Dragon is your type! Bearded Dragons eat simple food that you will not have to go miles searching for. They eat fruits and vegetables and small insects that you could find in your backyard. Bearded Dragons will need to live in a glass terrarium with at least forty gallons in volume. Your bearded dragon is from a hot,dry environment so he will need a light/heat source. You will need to give him more of a solitary living environment. Bearded dragons in the wild cover themselves up with sand before they sleep, so keeping some sand in his habitat will be a very important thing for him. Like turtles, bearded dragons will prefer a ledge because they are not in the water all the time, they like to get out and move around. Keeping some crickets in his habitat is a good way to keep him busy pouncing around on those creatures. Although bearded dragons are nice creatures, a top to his case will be very necessary because they can climb. And for everyone to be safe, he needs to stay in his home. Bearded dragons are cool and quiet animals to show and teach your kids about because they are omnivores, you can let them see how some animals eat both plants and animals. Bearded dragons would be a good class pet because they are easily cared for, but are super interesting and unique pet to show your kids.…show more content…
Most likely you have, ever thought of having one as a pet? To be more specific, a tarantula. They mean seem scary and mean, but actually there is a lot more to them than you would think. If you were to have a pet tarantula, you would need to have small bugs such as crickets,grasshoppers and any other small insect so he could eat it. You can find bugs in your backyard or at the pet store for a cheap price! Plus, they only need one to two crickets fed to them a week! You do not need a huge home for your tarantula, a medium sized glass container would do the job. With a top of course, so he does not escape! Tarantulas do not really sleep, they rest, so having a few rocks or leaves in their habitat could make a good resting area for them when they are tired. And, so they can have some privacy. Tarantulas can move a lot, so having room for him to roam is the best thing, since they do not do much! Yes, tarantulas do bite, but only for self defense. So again, having a type of glove while touching him would be good! Or, just view him with your kids, that may be the best option so no accidents occur. Have some holes on the top of the lid of his cage so he can breathe too! To make the class more interesting, feed your pet tarantula and watch him inject venom into his prey to eat! Tarantulas may seem scary, but they can be very good pets too. The only downside is they can be boring, but overall, they are amazing pets!
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