Speech About Climate Change

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Climate change
Today, I am going to talk about climate change. The more the change in climate, the more negative impacts will be cost. But, did the climate change by its own to destroy the environment? The answer is no. In fact, the creators for those consequences are mainly by human. Climate change already showed their terrible consequences to people. Unfortunately, it will increase the intense and frequency.
The climate is changing, which is the topic that human can easily read on the Internet, news, posters... There are lots of consequences could happen: ice melting, global warming, rainfall, flood…. However, the most easily observable changing is ice melting. Mountain glaciers in all around the world have decreased in size for over the past 100 years. That means they are melting, at the very fast rate. The higher the temperature, the faster the
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This area is always known for living with flood, drought, typhoon and highly change of temperature.

The government of Viet Nam has been doing very much to help reduce the terrible effect of climate change. They have been created environmental friendly model and it will be used widely in the future. Some better changing such as: green summer campaign for volunteers, Harmful CH4 gas have been reducing, development of gardens, parks protecting animal, water resources management strictly…

Personal perspective When I watched news about climate change in Vietnam, I also aware by myself that in rainy season, flood in Vietnam happen more frequently and violently. It is showed on the TV that the water flow at very fast rate, it destroyed house, trees… many people sat on the roof, lost their families, home,….However, in dry season, there is no water. The soil were hard as steel that plant can’t grow on its. People had to walk a long way to find water and share to each
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