Speech About Costco

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By the way Costco is where I do 85% of my grocery shopping, because when I go grocery shopping its for 2-3 weeks at a time, so buying in bulk is great for my household. Dinner: I will be honest and I have not eaten dinner yet tonight. I am so undecided of what I want to have. I have had a banana tonight so far. I am thinking that I will have a turkey burger tonight. When I have turkey burgers I cook it in the oven put a little seasoning on it and then eat it with steamed veggies, and ketchup. I don 't eat a bun with it. I might just snack a little bit which I know is super bad, but when I get in the mood of nothing sounds good that is just what I tend to do. I just wanted to get this post up for you guys, so I will update it and post a picture
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