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How will I help our environment? I will be partnering up with Karlie Ramirez, we have decided on the 21st of October to head up to Giant Rock, located in Lucerne Valley. Over the years Man Kind has polluted our air drastically. How? Consequently, we throw trash on the ground and in our oceans. At worst is air pollution. Exhaust fumes, Radiation spill or nuclear accidents It creates an adverse effect on the overall environment. We put fumes and gases in our air on a daily base. How does this affect our environment? As some of us have seen It kills wildlife and is currently putting a hole in our Ozone Layer. Karlie and I will be heading to pick up trash, approximately for about 5 hours. Before we can move forward, their are a few steps we will…show more content…
Research has shown, You may or may not know that our Earth has a hole in its ozone layer, due to society littering and polluting the air. Not only that, but by picking up everyday items such as soda cans and plastic bottles you can save hundreds, if not thousands of Animals; Such as birds, bunny's, ducks, deer, fish and not to mention seals and many more different kinds of Animals from choking and eating trash that can potentially kill them. Of course it may not seem like just the two of us can do much, but remember in theory a little can go far. So if each individual in this class could vow to just clean up after themselves, Recycling helps create awareness. Another benefit of recycling is the ripple effect it has on your community. Through recycling, people become aware of its importance and the word gets spread everywhere. This way, people can work together to help save our environment. In addition, it will help Giant Rock look even more beautiful than it already does. Nevertheless, this is just a few ways picking up trash at Giant Rock will benefit and help our environment. Currently my relationship with the environment is? Of course to be fully honest with you, I have not done enough to help our environment. Such as picking up trash I see lying around or watering plants and more. This will be the first time I have dedicated my time in helping mother earth and pick up trash in my environment. Currently I'm very excited

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