Speech About Fear In School

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Fear is an emotion that we all try to conquer. Finishing school has been a fear I have lived with most of my life. Changing things up will take a lot of self-discipline for me. I want to take this fear and throw it in an imaginary trash can because I don’t want to live in fear of being successful. So I’ll push through this struggle to get to the Holy Grail. Showing the inside my mind and the piece that held me back for so long until I found a way to overflow the good over the bad. As a young child going to school I was terrified. School was not my favorite thing in the world it was like going to prison. I wasn’t the smartest cookie in the jar but when I went to school I felt like the students and teachers made me realize even more that I was not so smart. Fearing not finishing my degree comes from my past and the way I was talked at by people, telling me that I wasn’t going to amount to much. When people bash me saying things such as I might not even make to high school graduation just because I was not as smart as others in…show more content…
I’ve not successfully complete this climb up the ladder of fear. I won’t be over this fear until I reach this goal of finishing college. High school was one thing but you’re supposed to stop after high school it’s supposed to so much more like college. I’m so scared of failure it clouds my judgment of what I need to put first as in my priorities. I set everyday goals that helps me not to think about those voices that told me I wasn’t able. Going to tutoring to get help with work so I won’t fail test. Studying is a goal I need to really set because when I try to study I hear the word stupid over and from the teacher’s voice. It stops me from working and I get stuck like I’m in a spell but I’m working hard to find ways to study. Moving forward will always will be hard fear or no fear so if you have goals reach for them until your grip is secure and move
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