Femme Fatale Research Paper

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Top 7 Ways Of Becoming A Fun, Fearless Femme Fatale – Let The Games Begin!
Want to be femme fatale, which literally means “fatal woman” in French? What are you waiting for then? Dig in for some sure fire tips!
You know exactly what femme fatale means in French, and you might also know some women who have gained the ‘femme fatale’ title – like the Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and who can forget, Jessica Rabbit?! According to the movie Mildred Pierce, a femme fatale can be described as, “the kind of woman men want…but shouldn’t have!”
Femme fatales are seductive and attractive, yet clever and mysterious sprinkled with a little bit of evil. You see any femme fatale; all you’ll feel is attraction and mystery simply because class and dark glamour
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no one has to know what you’re feeling or what you’re thinking. For example, if you have to attend a birthday party, don’t mention that, instead say that you need to attend to an urgent matter – something that will lead other people to wonder what you’re up to. If you’re reading a message on the phone, don’t tell people anything. Remember, the more you keep to yourself, the more you’ll force people to wonder.
Beauty with brains adds sex appeal, so remember to be smart and don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind. Let men see who they’re dealing with and be proud to show how hard you work and how much you read. Intelligent femme fatale is a natural magnet that pulls men towards them! When you say something, make sure you have evidence to back that up i.e. in an argument or a debate; people should already know you’re a winner.
As for revealing, don’t reveal more than what’s required, otherwise you’ll be trashy instead of being sexy. Also, you don’t necessary have to wear extra revealing outfits, let your personality carry you forwards. Acting in a sexy, mysterious and seductive way is enough to draw men towards
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