Speech About Gender Inequality

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Sooo I am here today to make a speech about gender equality or perhaps I should say gender INequality. Okay first of all let me just begin by saying that I was so scared and reluctant about choosing this topic, not only because i am generally shy and absolutely terriefied of public speaking, but also because I was I would not do this incredibly debated, important, vital topic justice. So, just to break the ice what about I tell you a story instead, a story from my childhood When I was in primary school, my teacher said at the beginning of term that she would give the class a test and whoever got the highest score would be the class monitor. Now, class monitor was a big deal. If you were a class monitor, you got to write down the names of noise makers, which was having enough power of its own. But my teacher would also give you a cane to hold in your hand while you walk around and patrol the class for noise makers. Now of course you 're not actually allowed to use the cane. But it was an exciting prospect for the nine-year-old me. I very much wanted to be the class monitor. And I got the highest score on the test. Then, to my surprise, my teacher said that the monitor had to be a boy. Because she said that a girl couldn 't be the class monitor because she couldn 't be strict enough or authoritarian enough or severe enough. She 've forgotten to make that clear earlier because she assumed it was... obvious. A boy had the second highest score on the test and he would be
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