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Why wasn’t it the other way around? Kinky hair was considered "bad hair" as it didn’t conform to the notion of straight, manageable hair, set by the beauty industry, resulting in the use of hair relaxers by many. ------------------------------------------ Really, what is good hair? Good Hair is defined as hair that closely looks "smooth and straight" (i.e. soft, manageable and long, as opposed to "kinky" or "bad" hair). Now this definition could not have been any more WRONG! Kinky natural hair is manageable. How we manage it though, is the problem. Our hair isn’t bad; it is just our methods of caring for it that are bad. Once given what it needs, who knows? It could even surpass straight hair, developing into…yeah you know…"good hair".…show more content…
I do not believe the hair is the problem, but more so the perception of it, and clearly that has to change. This ever so necessary cleansing process can be stressful on our delicate strands. The use of shampoos can strip the hair of its vital oils, leaving the hair tresses rough and tangled. As a result, it is important that you do a pre-poo treatment (see page 85) before attempting this cleansing method. Shampooing is meant to lift the hair cuticle and break up oil and dirt, suspending it so it can be rinsed away. Naturals who use heavy products, stylers and butters may shampoo as often as once per week, or before every styling session, while those who use lighter products may opt to do so once per month or bi-weekly. It all depends on your product usage and the way your hair feels and responds. Remember to listen to your hair in order to know what it needs. Choose a shampoo with an active cleansing agent like cocamidopropyl betaine, which is milder than sodium lauryl sulfate but is very effective at removing excess oils and build-up. In order for your hair to stay healthy, the excess oils need to be cleansed away regularly from the scalp. Leaving product residue on your hair will cause tangles and…show more content…
The emollients and humectants will provide the shine and moisture needed.  Soft feel to hair Once the conditioner has left your hair feeling like cotton, it has done the job it was intended to do. Once your conditioner has all these attributes, you have chosen a fortifying product that will make your curls POP! Co-Washing Co-wash/Co-washing is the cleansing of the hair and scalp with a rinse-out conditioner, as opposed to using a traditional shampoo. Yes, you can wash your hair with a conditioner. However, despite what you may often read as an explanation, it is not really because it contains surfactants. The surfactants in hair conditioners are actually designed to stick to hair, while those in a shampoo are intended to bind to oil and lift it off the surface. Find a rinse out-conditioner that works well for YOUR hair, as not all conditioners work the same on every hair type. So, find what makes your curls, kinks or locs pop and feel

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