Speech About Hardships In Life

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I learned the hard way that the time to change your life isn’t when you’re ready, but it’s when the universe thinks you are! Everyone goes through hardships in life, nevertheless, you wouldn’t expect to go through those challenges so early on in life. Growing up, I always felt blessed. I had a loving family and many caring friends. However, looking back at my early years I realized I had a thought that I blocked out of my mind.

I remember waking up one day, somehow, it felt uneasy and different. It wasn’t like any other day. There was an ominous atmosphere penetrating though out the house. I remember peeking out my room seeing my mother clutching the phone in her hand, talking to my aunt just like every other morning. This time it wasn’t her usual loud laugh that filled the house but I quite whisper my mom was almost whimpering, her voice shaking.

“I got the results today…Ovarian cancer” The words pierced my heart and slowly devastated me. All I knew about that word was what I was taught in biology class. Cancer was just a part of biology jargon, a state
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I saw her perseverance; her willingness to carry on working on her business opened my eyes to the endless opportunities.

Growing up with such a strong example of a woman, that was able to defeat every obstacle thrown her way showed me that there is no limit to what a person can achieve if they work hard and never give up on there dream. I quickly realized that my mother’s knack for learning, her caring personality, and her passion were all parts of me. And ever since then all I ever was to follow my dream and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

This incident has taught me to never give up on my dream. History has always been my greatest passion learning about how a little event however insignificant it may be was able to shape up the future and everything around
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