Speech About High School Dance

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Today we live in a world where everything is advancing. Technologies, strategies, and information are all expanding and becoming bigger and better. Quietly following the same trend though are social customs. No longer does asking a girl to a dance consist of walking up to her and verbalizing a simple, “will you go to the dance with me?” With the presence of Instagram, Pinterest, and other apps that spread and praise grand “promposals,” the custom has become more intricate. It is now posters with funny puns, hunts with multiple steps, or anything else unique and, as a teenage girl would say, “sooo cute” that is expected. The pressure on some boys to come up with a creative, funny, thoughtful, or romantic way to ask has built up as the bar is raised higher and higher. I was one of those boys. There was a girl very special to me that I knew I had to impress, and it was not easy. It was hard enough to get a girl to look at me, let alone get her to embark on a wild, ferocious journey into a jungle of streamers and crazy beasts that may or may not end in broken bones and a dislocated hip—a journey more commonly known as a high school dance. I succeeded though. With proper preparation and completion of certain steps, it can be done. My hope and dream is that, through my story and experience, I may be a help to my fellow men who wish to accomplish the seemingly impossible and get that special girl to say yes. Asking a girl to a dance is like walking on an icy lake, one bad step and

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