Speech About Homelessness

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“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi. What do you think of when you read these ten words? Being more active? Show more love? Maybe even giving something bad up. All of those thoughts are correct, but we all overlook something much bigger. Hunger and homelessness. 43.1 million. No home, not much food, just surviving. These numbers are just in America. There is over 7 billion people on this planet and almost half of a billion are homeless, only in America. These numbers astonish me every time I read them. People become homeless for a variety of reasons but the main cause is lack of money or employment. Just take a moment to process how hard this must be. Every morning you wake up in your nice, warm bed, take a hot shower…show more content…
I know this is not as important but we get to try out the sports we want and we do not think much of it. In reality sports can be expensive and difficult for some people to afford. I learned about the Cary Ballet Company in North Carolina who went to a homeless shelter and taught the kids basic ballet moves. They also gave the kids a free pair of ballet slippers. This story inspired me and it would be great to donate toys and game to homeless shelters and try to volunteer to play some games with the kids. You can see if your able to teach a sport to kids in homeless shelters, and let try things they do not usually get to do. Another thing that would be great to do is to set us a free sports event for the kids to see. You could try to have athlete 's volunteer to play. Any fun game is a great way to cheer up someone who does not always get these opportunities. This not only helps the kids, but also the parents. It probably makes the parents sad to see their kids not playing sports, and they are most likely very thankful to be able to have their kids playing a sport. So in conclusion there are so many ways to help with hunger and homelessness, and these are just a few of them. If we all show some good to the world then we can make it a much better place. After reading this think about some ways you can help out with hunger and homelessness. Remember this
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