Speech About Identity

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Identity, what a person is. A person’s identity is created by what they like and everything that makes them unique. Everyone is different in someway. Sometimes people get identified as stereotypes. Like jocks, nerds, blondes, and more. Theres probably someone shy in at least one of your classes. They’re too scared to speak up in front of people. A lot of things are going on in there head that they would love to talk to someone about but aren’t comfortable doing so. They dread going to school some days. Walking into class she sits in the back corner of the room. When the teacher comes in he announces that they’re getting assigned seats. The girl gets moved up to the front. Dreading sitting in the front where everyone can see you making it more embarrassing for when you don’t know the answer to the question the teacher asked. The girl sits there during class and listens to the clock hearing the tick-tock noise counting down till the bell rings and she gets closer and closer to being able to go home. At home she can sit in her room and listen to music and draw in her journal. Her journal symbolizes everything she is but nobody sees in her. Sometimes people just look at her and don’t make conversation. The girl likes being silent sometimes it gives her time to think about things in her life. Good grades, does what she’s supposed to do but when she messes up she feels like she’s going to disappoint everyone. Too scared to speak up in front of anybody.
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