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You first start to taste the sambal, the saltiness and then slowly recognize a tint of spiciness, against the taste of the nuts all wonderfully mixed together complimenting each other. A cone of Kacang Dal, which the Kacang Putih Man folded quickly with a piece of recycled paper. The variety of flavours that the Kacang Putih Men sell were once blessed upon Singaporeans along many streets, void decks, cinemas in the olden days of Singapore. Now, they are only ingrained in the memories of many Singaporeans as the ‘Good Old Days’. There are many others that contribute to the good times in the olden days of Singapore; the kampung, the candies and so on. The Kacang Putih Man is one of them. Singaporeans used to see them in a lot of places, before commuting to work, going home either buying for themselves or for…show more content…
Usually the Kacang Putih Men are Indians. The Indian community was the first to introduce the kacang putih snacks and according to Jobscentral.com, kacang putih originated from “chevdo”, a seasoned vegetarian snack made of crisped rice, beans and more. When asked what they remember about the Kacang Putih Man, some answered how they see them while they travel from one venue to another. The Kacang Putih Man walks from void deck to void decks, cinema to cinemas, carrying a tray full of different flavours of peanuts with a wooden stand folded and placed on their shoulders. When they decide to park to start selling, they will prepare their wooden stand and start selling. However now, kacang putih men prefer using push carts or bicycles to set up their kacang putih stall. Many miss the days when the Kacang Putih man were so easily accessible and relate to buying from them and seeing them in a lot of places to their Good Old Days,

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