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Leaning Tower of Pisa Hello, guys! In this blog, I want to discuss one of the famous wonders of Italy, and that is the Leaning Tower. I find it really appealing and full of mystery, as many of the facts about the building of the tower and the entire complex are still controversial. But, I still want to share about it, as there is a good reason the tower to become one of the top tourist attractions in Europe, and Italy. Location Pisa is a city, located in West Italy in the area Toscana. The distance from the capital of Italy, Rome to Pisa and its Leaning tower is around 350 km. Even though I consider Rome for a better tourist site, due to its many sightseeing opportunities, the tower is not something one should miss when visiting the country. Facts about the Tower The Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italian: Torre pendente di Pisa) or simply the Tower of Pisa (Torre di Pisa [ˈtorre di ˈpiːza]) is the campanile, or freestanding bell tower, of the cathedral of the Italian city of Pisa, known worldwide for its unintended tilt. Wikipedia.org The shape of the tower is cylindric, but due to the fact, that it was being built over a long period of time and by different methods, it has a slight curve, made to prevent the tower from leaning. The height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 55 m, but the most attractive thing in it is the angle that it forms with the ground. It is still argued about the fact whether it was intentionally built so that it leans, or it was a human mistake while
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