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Have you ever thought that a simple fruit in combination with water would be capable to offer your body incredible benefits and help you actually live a healthier life? Today I will reveal you the secret. Put on your seat belts and start the adventure of a better and healthier life. Lemon is one of the most common, cheapest and accessible fruits on the market. It’s refreshing flavor and smell makes it a very popular fruit drink, especially during the summer. But what if I told you that lemons have the power to transform your body and mind as no other fruit out there? Don’t believe me?! Then, let me introduce to you 10 benefits of lemon water you didn’t know about. The nutritional benefits of Lemon Water As you may already know, lemons are a…show more content…
1. A better digestion Proper digestion plays an important role in our overall health. In order to improve your digestion, warm lemon water is the best home remedy you can choose. Start your day by drinking a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach and forget about the old problems like bloating, constipation or heartburn. Digestive disorders often occur due to low pH but lemon water helps restore it, favoring digestion. 2. A boost of energy Long before energy drinks appeared, lemon water was used to treat dehydration. For example, when you work out, you lose electrolytes (minerals which contain sodium, potassium, and chloride). When you drink lemon water you restore the electrolytic process in your body. Lemon water also reduces anxiety and depression, due to the fact that vitamin C is a natural stress…show more content…
Drinking lemon water daily will help your skin become smoother and healthier looking. 5. Lemons for a healthier liver Drinking lemon water will help strengthen your liver by supplying it with liver enzymes; this will also facilitate the elimination of toxins from your body. 6. A lemon a day keeps the doctor away It was proven that people who drink lemon water are protected against viral infections. Also, they tend to get sick less often and the explanation for that is quite simple. Vitamin C intake strengthens the immune system. A very simple and easy recipe for the treatment of a basic cold is to add into a glass of warm water 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of honey. 7. It can replace coffee Yes, we all love this incredible and magical drink called coffee. But most of us don’t know that in bigger quantities, it can actually harm us. Most people say that they cannot function until they had their coffee; we are here to tell you that actually you can function with only warm lemon water. Replace it for at least 1-2 weeks and enjoy that boost of energy you thought only coffee was able to give you. 8. It stimulates

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