How To Tell If Someone Is Lying Essay

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How to Tell If Someone Is Lying
Who’s here have been to lied to? Similarly, if you claim that you never lie, well, you’re a liar. In today’s society, we all encounter deceit in out lives. We’ve all been lied too. Your brother eats your ice cream, and lies to you saying he didn’t. Your significant other lies to you and breaks your heart. Your professor lies to saying the exam “Is not that hard”, but you end up failing the test. The average person hears between 10 and 200 lies per day. Whether it’s labeled as a white lie, a gray lie, or a black lie; a lie is a lie. So today, I will be demonstrating to you how to tell if someone is lying to you. This process does take time and practice to excel in, but through time, you will master this skill. Today, I will share with you 3 physical ways to detect if someone is lying; you should be focusing on observing their body gestures, creating a baseline, and examining their form of speaking. So let’s get started! First thing you should be studying is
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You must be able to observe, examine, and analyze every small movement, action, and word spoken. However, by applying the three methods I demonstrated today, you will be able to detect if an individual is truthful or deceitful. By observing the body movements, specially the movement of the head, creating a baseline to compare to, and analyzing the form of dialogue will allow you to identify if someone is lying to or not. I would also like to include that it is easier to apply these methods for someone you know. For example, a person you know and interacted with for 10 years, is different than the person you know for 5 years, than the person for 1 year. The more you know, interact, and work together with an individual, the easier it will be to distinguish if they are lying or not. Like I said earlier, this takes great amount of practice, but through time you will lying-machine
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