Speech About Marching Band

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The day’s will be hot and long, you will be tired, but the reward is greater than anything you could imagine. If you’re a freshman that plans on doing marching band, you’ve come to the right place. You can always ask someone in band what to expect when it comes to marching, but if you 're shy and don’t want to ask, I understand. I am a freshman that did marching this season, so I know just what is to be expect by this point, and I’m here to help.
Before you play any sport you have practice and learn the basics. This practice is what we call band camp. Band camp in a nutshell is waking up early to go to your school practice for a while in the morning, then you get a break for lunch, and times will vary depending on how long or short your band hours are. During the day you will have
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Sectionals is when you get into groups with your instrument group and there you will be introduced to your section leader. The leader is like the mom/dad of the group you could say. He/she manages the group, gives playing tips and helps the new comers understand what music is. They’re like your mini director in your section. After lunch you practice again and again till you 're told to leave. This isn’t exactly how your day will go, this is just the run-down of how it will most likely go. Make sure to com prepared. For your own safety I recommend you bring plenty of water, and wear sunscreen or a hat. The sun is unforgiving and without theses couple of things your band camp experience will be miserable. Some other things I recommend is watch the upperclassmen, they know what their doing, and if you are a girl or a guy that likes to wear makeup, don’t. You will be sweating and all that pretty makeup will be wiped away by the end of the day. Another thing is don’t care about your looks, everyone will be
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